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BestSleep has been developed, to not only assist you get to sleep,but also to have a much better sleep, and make you feel alert and fresh within the morning, by supporting the brains natural sleep function.


It is a fine mix of natural herbs that doesn’t requires prescription, has no known side effects, and is non addictive .


The herbs and natural compounds within the BestSleep formula, are used for many years, to deal with sleeping disorders, and insomnia. we have thoroughly combined the proper amounts of Griffonia simplifiolia extracts and Valerian root, along with L-theanine from green tea and B vitamins, to work together in harmony, to support your bodies natural sleep mechanism.


Benefits of Best Sleep

  • Non addictive
  • No prescription or doctors needed
  • Well tolerated, with high success rate
  • Take only when needed, and fast acting


How do I take it?
Simply take 2 capsules an hour before going to bed, and enjoy the sleep you have been longing for.


Is BestSleep safe?
The herbs in BestSleep have been used for hundreds of years, by millions of people, with no adverse side effects or documented problems. BestSleep is not a pharmaceutical drug and contains none of the synthetic, and addictive chemicals.


Do I need prescription?
You do not need a prescription, or require any doctors visits. However if you’ve got any serious health issues, are pregnant, are taking any drugs or supplements (including alcohol) , or have in the past 90 days taken any serotonin-modifying medications, such as anti-depressants, or weight control drugs, you must first check the ingredients with your doctor or health care professional.


What are the ingredients?
Each capsule contains the following:

Griffonia simplicifolia extract (25% 5-HTP)
Valerian extract




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by Lauren on Best Sleep

Great natural product.
I have an active lifestyle and sometimes I’m wide awake late at night and need to fall asleep fast in order to be fresh for work the next day. BestSleep works perfectly and I know it’s all natural. I quite enjoy how it relaxes me and calms me down, makes me drift off and fall asleep easily.


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